New Project Checklist

Once your project is approved for execution by the external reviewers, you will be invited by an operator of the selected Access Site to discuss the details of the execution of the project. Most likely, the initial discussion will be either via mail, telephone or webconferencing. The Access Site operator will discuss the following things with you:

The conditions of the PRIME-XS project

The background of the proposed project (what is the information you need and how do you intend to use it)

Design of the experiments (what controls are needed, is there a need for replicates)

Sample preparation (is the sample comptabile with MS analysis, where will the sample preparation be performed)

The timing of the experiments (when are the samples expected to be ready to be analyzed)

Your visit to the Access Site, if that is applicable for your project (when will you visit, how long will you stay)

What results can you expect (choice of data format of results, quantitative vs qualitative information)

 Deposition of the data obtained in a public repository (e.g. PRIDE)

What is expected of you once the project is finished (acknowledge PRIME-XS, user questionnaire to fill in)