Number Workpackage Description Lead
Delivery date Delivered
MS1 WP1 Kickoff meeting UU 1 vink
MS2 WP1 Establishment of the Project Office UU 2 vink
MS3 WP1 Website Operational UU 3 vink
MS4 WP2 Project Management system operational VIB 3 vink
MS5 WP3 User Panel Established VIB 8 vink
MS6 WP4 Group associates established UCPH 12 vink 
MS7 WP5 Industrial Platform Operational UU 12 vink 
MS11 WP13 Tools for scheduling and tracking of projects established VIB 12 vink
MS19 WP15 Novel enrichment procedure (protocol) for arginine-phosphorylated proteins UCPH 12 vink 
MS8 WP5 First Beta-test agreement UU 18 vink 
MS12 WP13 PRIDE and IntAct submission pipelines for TA implemented VIB 18 vink
MS9 WP6 Stakeholders awareness reached and commitment demonstrated CRG 24 vink 
MS20 WP15 Improved and validated protocols for the COFRADIC technologies UCPH 24  vink 
MS21 WP15 Clear guidelines for the enrichment of acid-labile modifications and their MS analysis UCPH 24  vink 
MS13 WP13 Tools to support the identification and validation of PTMs on proteins VIB 36 vink 
MS14 WP13 Tools to support the discovery of disease-specific biomarkers VIB 36 vink 
MS15 WP13 Tools to support the identification of interacting proteins VIB 36 vink 
MS16 WP13 JRA1 innovations ready for transfer to TA sites VIB 36 vink 
MS17 WP14 Developed protocols (D4.6 and D4.7) validated UCAM 36  vink  
MS18 WP14 JRA2 innovations ready for transfer to TA sites UCAM 36 vink 
MS22 WP15 Optimized protocols for enrichment and analysis of protein N-acetylation, methylation and other PTMs UCPH 36 vink 
MS23 WP15 Optimized protocols for proteome-wide analysis of protein O-phosphorylation and lysine-acetylation UCPH 36 vink 
MS24 WP15 JRA3 innovations ready for transfer to TA sites UCPH 36 vink 
MS25 WP16 Developed protocols (D16.1 and D16.2) validated ETHZ 36 vink 
MS26 WP16 JRA4 innovations (biomarker-specific MRM assays) ready for transfer TA sites ETHZ 36 vink 
MS10 WP6 Vision on long-term operation of the RI developed CRG 48